Weekly Horoscope for 7/27/2014 to 8/3/2014

scorpioScorpio 10/23 - 11/21
You prepare for future successes, consult with advisors and work on achieving rewards. Clear decisions are not difficult to find; a mentor will help you this Friday. You will be able to achieve quite a lot Saturday. An emphasis on close relationships and a preoccupation with ideas of fairness and harmony are part and parcel of the mental cycle you have just begun. A good conversation with those you love is possible this Sunday. You may find some cultural activity irresistible this evening. Monday may be a challenging day in that you will need to become more absorbed in your work. There seems to be a time element that is important. Put your mind to work and take care of any details that you may need to pull things into a completion this Tuesday. There are improvements scheduled now. This Wednesday is a good day. You are at your most practical when it comes to dealing and working with others. Thursday has much to do about money--how you feel about it and how you protect and use it. A conflict at work could be resolved this Friday. Take advantage of upcoming conferences, lectures--anything that can help you in your own profession can be put to use in the future. This Saturday, you display an urge to be recognized by your family and friends for your hard work and accomplishments. There is a possibility that during this time, your accomplishments will be acknowledged. 
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