Weekly Horoscope for 7/20/2014 to 7/27/2014

sagittariusSagittarius 11/22 - 12/21
The focus for this Friday seems to be on research. Perhaps you are becoming caught up on world affairs, classwork or technical information. Be cautious in your expenditures this Saturday; most any enterprise would increase your debts. If communication tends to leave a lot to the imagination this Sunday, you may be the one to set things straight. This may mean a new phone. All indications lead to your being extremely busy in the work place this Monday. There may be many instances where you will have to supply a solution to a particular problem. Be prepared to work quickly and take your allocated breaks when you can. In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best this Tuesday. Your analytical abilities are at a high. Wednesday is one of those very busy days. Some may have called you four-eyes, nerd or a dork in your youth . . . now, you are the one that everyone needs to talk with and from whom they need an opinion. Thursday is a great time to work with others in any sort of team effort. You should expend great efforts in moneymaking opportunities this Friday, but show caution for the types of activity you finally decide upon. If you are looking for a job, timing and luck is with you. Progress with repairs around the house or working in a garden or helping out with some family situation has positive results this Saturday. You might consider an evening of dancing or perhaps a dance movie. 
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