Weekly Horoscope for 8/17/2014 to 8/24/2014

cancerCancer 6/21 - 7/22
You have a real instinct for what people want now, and this can lead to outstanding success if you capitalize on it. You may have some ideas for advertising this Friday and whether you are an artist or not, you may want to go to the art department and demonstrate your ideas. Your concentration may be focused on your parents this Saturday. The opinion and methods of yesterday versus today may be the topic of conversation. Someone has hidden motives this Sunday but you are able to get underneath the truth and find answers. There is optimism and you take few risks when approaching difficult people. This Monday might be a good time to plan the baby shower or at least check and see if one is in the works. Health and work goals take on greater importance this Tuesday. Secrets, conspiracies and the hidden links that unite all things take on a great deal of mystery. You are at your mental best this Wednesday with sharp ideas. This is an excellent time to make decisions and take care of any incomplete work. The day this Thursday is a natural for self-expression and accommodates your particular ideas and thoughts. There are good practical job-related thoughts and ideas available this Friday. The ability to communicate with superiors or describe what you see is strong and there may be plenty of times where the higher-ups will call on you to help with management. Exercise will help to balance your energies--as will just being outside this Saturday. 
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